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Who Are Probate Lawyers and What Do They Do?

Distributing your assets without a will can get pretty messy. A probate lawyer works to make asset division among family members of the decedent easier. Also known as trust lawyers, probate lawyers work to execute matters of estate distribution when there’s no will written. If you own a chunk of real estate, it’s always better to have a will created to avoid ugly confrontations among family members. Will and estate lawyers facilitate estate owners in developing a will.

In the presence of a will, the probate process involves proving its authenticity. Once the will is considered legitimate, the court appoints the will’s executor. The executor divides assets, including financial reserves, according to the will. In the case where there’s no will, and you want to divide the assets sooner, retain a probate lawyer. We advise you to engage a lawyer to help you with the Legal Probate Code of the specific state. The probate lawyer helps you follow the law for distribution to creditors and heirs.

Probate lawyers are responsible for administering the estate while the executor works through the probate process. The probate process involves a probate hearing, will recognition, and executor appointment.

Consult a leading probate attorney in your vicinity to help you through the probate process.

Here’s what probate lawyers do:

Assists in Identifying and Managing Estate Assets

A probate lawyer helps track and record all the assets of a decedent for proper distribution among the beneficiaries.

The Office of Jennifer L. Nagel assists with managing and administrating the real estate of a decedent. Attorney Nagel also has experience as a landlord attorney in Glendale.

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Helps the Family Choose an Executor

Often, a deceased person doesn’t leave a will behind. The probate attorney asks the mourning family to choose an administrator or an executor for the real estate.

To have a streamlined real estate distribution process, involve a probate attorney experienced in the field. Attorney Jennifer L. Nagel has handled plenty of complex real estate probate cases. She was awarded by the State Bar of Arizona for her legal services. Her office is in Glendale, CA. For an appointment, contact (818) 996-6563.


Disclaimer: This article is only intended for educational purposes and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for legal advice.

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