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When Do You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

You must have come across incidents of workplace harm or road injuries inflicted by accidents. Being harmed at work can make you run between hospitals and insurance companies to clear your hospital bills.

Even when great strides have been made in workplace safety, an accident here and there can happen. The same goes for injuries we experience while working at home. To understand why you would need a lawyer for your personal injuries, it’s better to understand the context in which the term ‘personal injury’ is used.

In legal terms, a “personal injury” is any injury inflicted on a person’s body and emotions that can disrupt their physical and mental well-being. They also include instances of  physical damage to property.

You can bring up personal injury claims on three primary bases.

Lack of Prudence/Negligence: Lack of prudence includes haphazardly handled weapons, sharp objects, and harmful substances that can hurt other people. These include everything from chemicals at the workplace to heavy machinery at large-scale working sites.

Strict Liability: Strict liability applies when a person has no intentions of harming the other person but does so unintentionally. You may have heard of the term “manufacturer’s liability” while buying and selling goods. A manufacturer is responsible if the product is defective and causes injuries to its users.

Intentional Torts:

In legal terms, intentional torts are harm done intentionally to hurt the other person physically and emotionally. You can come across such cases at work or home. If you feel someone might hurt you intentionally, please don’t sit back. Get authorities involved immediately.

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Other Instances

Most of the injuries we incur on our bodies have to do with the three broad categories mentioned above. You can let go of legal charges for minor injuries, but you should pursue a legal course of action for major injuries. Pursuing a personal injury claim will help you collect recoverables.. The legal system also takes care of appropriate compensation to the affected party. Some major injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Slip and Fall injuries
  • Road accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents

Animal Bite Injuries

You can also claim compensation for animal bite injuries. In case of a dog/animal bite, the dog/animal owner will have to compensate.

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