Probate Law

Hire a talented probate attorney to avoid the suffering of probate.

A probate attorney does a lot, looking at whether or not the decedent had created a will or not. They’re conjointly called estate or trust lawyers as they are proficient in managing the probate process. Our seasoned probate attorneys are here to assist you and your family throughout this process. We serve clients across Glendale, Los Angeles.

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When the Will is Drafted in Advance

Our probate lawyers are skilled advisors for the executors, beneficiaries, and members of the family on numerous legal matters. we are present to confirm that the method is applied smoothly without hassle or challenge. Most importantly, our lawyers make sure that the process takes place, keeping in mind our clients’ best interests.

Before Will is Drafted

In case there’s no will, and one dies “intestate,” our probate attorneys are there to assist your members of the family out with the distribution of the assets. A probate lawyer is crucial throughout this time to advise the administrator of the estate. They make sure that everything is completed under state law.

Securing a Renunciation

Suppose a relative needs to be the estate administrator, they have to file for renunciation- a written document renouncing one’s right to administer the state. This renunciation is sought from the opposite relatives of the decedent.

Our probate attorneys assist you to secure this statement and persist to file it in the probate court. They prevent the pain of spending any overtime and cash on securing the statement.