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Drug Testing in Child Custody Cases – An Overview

Child custody cases are a painful procedure for all involved parties. They involve recurring appearances to the court, painful child and parent interrogation, and ugly blame games from both parties. Present-day research has time and again raised questions about the tenuous trials of child custody and the criteria for which child custodianship is determined. There have been initiatives to save children from parental abuse as well.

During a typical child custody case, both parents try to prove they are fit for their child’s custody and provide for the child’s basic necessities. Ace attorneys are needed to make it through court grilling during child custody cases.

Why Involve a Lawyer?

Custody battles are an emotional process for both parents. You should get an attorney involved who shares your perspective and is willing to work with you with their best intentions at heart. Apart from representing you, a child custody lawyer performs the following jobs:

  • Preparing and submitting documents to the court
  • Mediating negotiations between involved parties
  • Outlining the terms and conditions for other-party involvement
  • Proving the party is competent enough for the child’s custody

A family court always acts in the best interest of the child. For this purpose, they can take drug tests of parents with a history of drug abuse.

Can a History of Drug Abuse Affect My Child’s Custody Case?

Yes! A history of drug abuse affects custody determination. A family court thinks from a responsible guardian’s perspective. A parent with a history of drug abuse will have to go the extra mile to convince the court they are fit for child custody.

If drug abuse is an ongoing issue, the court can even order drug tests for involved parents. Saliva, hair, and blood samples can be taken to gauge if the parent is under drug influence.

The nature of these tests depends on the history of drug abuse. If it was a more recent occurrence, the court might ask for regular drug testing to ensure no repeated incidents of drug abuse.

Events of the Past

If the drug abuse has not been repeated recently, the parent can have some restrictions, but they can share child custody with the other parent.

Hiring a competent family law attorney will have half your problems solved! Not only would they present your case better, but they can also prepare you for courtroom interrogation. Get in touch with attorney Jennifer L. Nagel for thorough legal guidance.

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