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Child Support Laws in the US After a Divorce

Parents may have to go through a separation due to several reasons. Unfortunately, children of divorcing parents find themselves in a fix when their family is about to split. Couples need to make their divorce a less harmful for their children. Research indicates that difficult divorces leave the children involved traumatized. They may develop personality disorders and mental illnesses later on in life.

Post-divorce child support laws are designed to cover a child’s basic needs. Child support payments aregenerally made to the parent who has custody of the child.The custodial parent is liable to use the amount to provide shelter, food, and clothing to the child. Most child support payments are made monthly. Both parents can decide and negotiate the time of child support payments. In most cases throughout America, more fathers than mothers pay child support to custodial partners.

In joint custody cases, the court often decides on the contribution of each parent to child maintenance and support. Child support negotiations between parties can get ugly. Most of these anomalies arise due to a lack of proper negotiations. At times, the child support amount takes up much of the father’s income. The ratio of unpaid child support and child support arrears is can be high.

Child support is your child’s right and is crucial for their maintenance.Family law experts and divorce lawyers in Glendale are well equipped to help you with child support cases.

Here’s a quick look at child support laws in the US.

An Individual Pays Child Support for Biological Children

An individual is only responsible for making a payment for their biological children. They are not obliged to pay child support for their stepchildren. If the individual has documents that affirm they have formally adopted a stepchild, only then will they become liable to pay for their stepchild’s maintenance.

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Child Support Until 18

Child support laws are made to assist minor children (under 18 ) livefulfilling lives. Ideally, both parents should work towards providing the child with the living standards they would’ve enjoyed had the marriage remained intact.

Child Support Calculations

Each US state has its methods of child support calculations. If you reside in California, child support calculations will consider the parents’gross incomes and the time each parent enjoys the child’s physical custody. The system also includes tax deductions for involved parents. The process remains the same for a minor child in matters of separations, divorces, and in the case

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