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Child Custody Agreements You Should Know About

Financial distress, infidelity, and personality clashes jeopardize many relationships. While the divorce rates in America are high, the millennials are trying hard to keep it together. Another major reason for the divorce rate to drop is selective marriages. Live-in relationships seem easier to maintain than full-time marital relationships that involve strategic financing.

A child custody dispute only rises when both parties claim custody. Most child custody disputes occur due to parents’ dissatisfaction over where children live. In addition, many parents insist they want to reserve the right to decide on their child’s education and most academic and extra-curricular activities. Child custody battles occurin family courts. They can take up a large chunk of the involved parties’ time and money if an agreement is not reached promptly.

Achild custody agreement becomes a pivotal issue for divorcing parents since it includes major decision-making about a child’s future engagements. Some of the most important custody agreements pointers include the right to decide about the child’s future health, education, and living arrangements.

Child custody lawyers play a pivotal part in designing agreements between disputing parties. These agreements include all the provisions regarding the child’s health and education.

Here are some child custody agreements for you to decide from.

The Sole Physical Custody Agreement

There can be various reasons for negotiating sole custody of a child. Another parent’s drug abuse, anger issues and severe mental issues can have a parent claim sole custody of their child. Sole custodianship grants one parent the right to make major decisions about the child’s future.

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Visitation Schedule

If a parent decides to go for the full custody of the child, they need to negotiate the visitation schedule with the non-custodial parent. The visitation schedules affirm no child is deprived of attention and love by eitherparent. These can be negotiated as per the convenience of both parties. Most parents opt for a fortnight visitation schedule to spend time with their children.

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Joint Physical Custody Agreement

The agreement is also referred to as a “shared custody agreement”. The agreement entails the child lives with both parents. Both parents have an equal say in deciding important matters about the child.

Third-Party Custody Agreements

Third-party custody agreements are signed when either the child’s parents have passed away or can’t take the child’s responsibility for other reasons. While in adoption, the biological parent’s rights are terminated, third-party child custody allows the biological parents to visit their children and pay for child support in many cases.

Get in touch with lawyers in Glendale to have a detailed overview of child custody agreements.

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